Still Kickin’

I’m here. It’s been awhile. Life has been good.

My Buddhist studies have been going well. I am learning so much about myself through the path. My times in meditation have become deeper and it still all feels familiar.

I have gotten away from writing lately, but it had a lot to do with my therapy. I ama in the middle of some deep crap so some things kind of fell to the wayside. I’m back into it now…the writing I mean.

Wow…this was kind of a lame entry, but I think that’s all I have for now.


4 thoughts on “Still Kickin’

  1. I love you. I’m glad you’re trying to get back into the bloggage as I’mr eady to keep up with you. 😉

    I’m proud of you for working through the muck in therapy. Especially this time of year. Would love to talk shop with you about how you did with your anniversary of the beginning of the change. ❤

    So much love to you.

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