Great Video

I was just sitting here feeling super negative for some reason. You know when  you get on your own nerves?  So I came online to see what was going on to take my mind off of whatever is going on.

I found this video by Brother David Steindl-Rast. I have become a big fan of his in the past year. This kind of snapped me out of it a little, which a lot of times is all I need.

So I thought I would share.




2 thoughts on “Great Video

  1. Hi Ron,
    How ya doin? You haven’t been blogging lately so I thought I’d
    say hello & make sure everything’s okay. If you haven’t already noticed, I got rid of my last blog due to unforseen cicumstances. (Namely: The Great Rececession, BF laid off & computer crashed. But I digress.) Email me if you get a chance. Dave & I are heading to Honey Brook this coming Saturday. Maybe we can meet all meet up? Hope all is well.

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